Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rutger Hauer

While sitting here trying to think of something to write a chap on radio 2 is telling a hitch hiking story (yes we listen to radio 2, Caz got fed up with the continual me me me of Chris Moyles and they now play really cool tracks, The Ramones earlier) and this took me back to my hitch hiking days. In the distant past that was my youth I had a very strange habit of drinking my taxi fare and at the end of a very drunken evening finding myself 10 miles from home with no way to get back. I would then start to hitch hike back, something I would not recommend to anyone (just to cover myself if anyone thinks it’s a good idea), and in the process would get to see the best and if not the worst certainly the least nice side of people. Amongst the lifts I got were, a taxi (free of course) a police car (again no charge, get it, charge) another taxi (this time full of drunks who made the driver stop, I had to lie on the floor!) a young drunk woman who was driving home at full speed after an argument with her boy friend and numerous people heading home after a good night out. On the bad side, lots of people who stopped away down the road only to zoom off is I run to the car and people who would shout abuse as they passed. The biggest worry of the hitch hiker is that they will be picked up by a nutter and the biggest worry for the person who stops is that they will pick up a nutter, in my experience if you are the sort that hitch hikes you are normally a people person and quite out going (or drunk and unable to walk 10 miles) and you find people who stop are normally like minded (and ex- hitch hikers) or axe murderers. My best hitch ever has to be from Exeter to Stoke on Trent (205 miles) with the British Woman’s windsurfing speed record holder.

Photo today is from the same shoot as yesterday, this was the picture I was trying to take when the camera died.

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wontletlifedefineme said...

So beautiful, great picture!

I've never done any hitch hiking myself, I'm quite petite and I'm always a bit scared people will take advantage of that. Plus, I was only 20 when I got my own car, so that also helped a lot in still being able to get around.

aims said...

Hitchhiking - been there - done that! Eeeek! Never pick up another either. Yikes!

So Brett - what has this to do with Rutger Hauer?

Great pic -

Michaela said...

Tsk tsk. Hitchhiking!

Love the pic, by the way. I love the perspective.

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