Friday, September 5, 2008

The wall

This is not as you would first think the back of the houses, but the front. My first friends lived along here, Stephen and Nicky, and to me with just a back yard all this green space was fantastic. Unlike the rest of the area this has improved over the years, when we first played here it was unused and over grown, a mini jungle away from the adults. It was my first experience of independence, tree houses, dens, playing with fire and girls ( well girl, who is most likely married and got kid of her own, just hope she has kept the long blond hair, think the blond one in Abba) not that anything happened, just my first kiss. Some years later we moved into one of these houses, a real step up from our first one, my view out of my bed room window now included grass trees and the back of a chip shop!

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Michaela said...

That's a spectacular picture! I should photograph the places I used to play when I was a kid. Thanks for the inspiration *wink*.


Caty said...

Wonderful memories in one picture!..a tree house !!

Lisa B said...

Fantastic shot, love the angle.

Suburbia said...

These have been such a brilliant set of pictures and stories. You are very tallented and the idea of going back to your roots is inspired.

Paloma said...

The perspective is stunning. The content is safe: home, neighborhood, small town. But with that slight tilt, that bit of asymmetry, there is a sense of danger. A beautiful representation of paradox, the past and the present, memories and now.

Bridal fashion said...

I love the picture which has a litter effect of LOMO. :D

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