Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Great end

One of the things about a holiday is all the catching up you have to do when you get back home, you’ve only been out of you life for a week and allsorts of things creep up on you, all weekend was spent on house keeping (mostly by Caz), Monday I spent on the blog and now I get chance to sort out the photos. At work I had 150 emails to wade through and also learn I had failed in my job application, on top of that they have changed our intranet so I cannot find anything! All making me wish I was back on top of a mountain again (if only to throw my self off).

Mountains, I love being on top of them, but hate the walk up, all up hill and hard work, and I hate the walk down, all tired feet and failing light. But on top you are the master of the world, given a bit of luck you view will seem to go on for ever and if you have picked the right one you will only have to share it with the people you have brought with you, although on most mountain tops you only meet like minded people so its not that bad. This mountain is a very good example of picking the right one, its Great End and only a mile or so away from Scarfell Pike, England’s highest mountain, and is on the same ridge so it is not that much shorter, but hardly any body gets here, they all crowd on to the big named peak and leave this one all alone. The view as you can see was fantastic, not bad for a day that had us walking in thick fog and torrential rain up to 2 hours before. Click on this picture for a larger image, a standard print from this shot would be over a meter wide so there is quite a lot of detail to see.

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Suburbia said...


Sorry you didn't get the job. Greater or better things will be just around the corner :)

babooshka said...

Stuff'em, jobwise that is. You have to think they didn't deserve you anyway. Excellent wide angle and again the conetration od the light is marvellous. Makes the hills and lone mountain here a little on the wee side.

girl with the mask said...

I miss the sunshine. It is so rainy outside right now that I can't even see to the end of the road... and Mama says this is a GOOD day!

Katney said...

I love the sense of being on top of the world. How high are these peaks?

aims said...

Absolutely stunning Brett!

Is this stitched then?

I could never do that kind of hike - but my dear friend Cid loved to climb mountains. I imagine he gets to sit on top of many now and enjoy the views.

I'm with suburbia - a better opportunity will be just around the corner or on top of another mountain.


Agree with Babs on this one - they don't deserve you! Stuff em all! But still I think you've gotta have guts to go up this mountain to take this pic - I hate the idea of exercise, it's a miracle I'm as skinny as I am!!

Scarlet x

Ranger Faff said...

That's probably the best picture I've ever seen of the Lake District, Brett. Utterly totally mesmerising.

And I feel so privileged to have shared it with you.

Sorry to hear about the job - ultimately it's their loss, because I think you would have brought more to that position than they could possibly ever know. So, in keeping with everyone else, stuff 'em. Keep your chin up - there's a lot more going on outside the picture than you ever see in the frame.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Outstanding, both the shot and the view. Well done!

sumwearnnyc said...

That is an incredible picture! I love mountains because there is something majestic about them. They are the gentle giants that offer an alternate view on things.

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