Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Return of the lamp shade

Some days getting the pictures for the blog is the hardest part and on others it’s getting the word, someone at work said that it must be hard work to keep this up day after day and she was right (as always). I think on average I spend a good hour a day on either taking the images or processing them and writing the words, but I think this is time well spent as both my photography and writing have improve no end. To day’s image is a good example as with out the blog I would have never spent the time to put it together and I’m very happy with the result.
So here we have Kep trying his hardest to remove the lamp shade, he has, for all his concerned fans, only had to have this on the once as he has shown that he can be trusted not to lick his feet for the time required, which was why we got this in the first place. Money well spent then.

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Lisa B said...

This is such a great series of pics, love it , and I hope the paws are nearly mended (if not mended already that is).

Suburbia said...

Bless him! Poor old thing, glad you haven't had to use it much.

aims said...

Seeing our beloved pets going through this just breaks my heart. They obviously don't understand and oh how it wrenches!


Bless poor old Kep! Although it looks more like one of those metal bins rather than a lampshade...

Get well soon Kep!

Scarlet xx

babooshka said...

I can't help it but these things on poorly dogs just amuse me so much. Apoglosies for not being around, mega busy thanks to him and the BBC. Will have to play catch up as and when.

When does the 365 end?

wontletlifedefineme said...

Poor thing! Even though it's for a good cause of course.

Princess Pointful said...

I just started giggling frantically... told you I loved dogs with cones on their heads!

Eddie said...

I remember when my dog had a cone >.>

I felt so bad for it. Poor dog, haha.

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