Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Riders on the storm

At it basic level photography is all about light, the effect of light on the subject and the capturing of that light in the camera. Although the art is picking the right subject or position, light and the use of it is the back bone of a good photo. For most of my work I have next to no control over the light as the sun is very hard to turn on and off, so find that I can have the best position, overlooking the best subject and still not have a good photo.
A good example of this was the walk up to Esk pike, dull and grey to start with, then turning to thick fog with less than 10 meters of visibility. Only to have the cloud lift to produce some of the heaviest rain we have ever walked in, to the point at which we decided to postpone the trip to the summit for ½ an hour by taking a route that took us some way back towards the car. Taking a picture during this time was only possible if you wanted a record shot of how bad the day was and to see if your camera was water proof. By the time we had reached the second path to the top, the last point that we could chose to go up or go home, the weather had cleared a little and we took the risk and headed for the summit. As I said light is the back bone of a good photo and by the time we reached the summit we had light, and such a view and position to make use of it. I call this picture a storm coming but in reality it is a storm leaving, the very same storm we had walk under for the past couple of hours. I hope to revisit this view again, many times, but I do not think I will ever get the light I got this day.

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Lola said...

That is aMAAzing. (As usual)


You're right. 'Nuff said!

Scarlet xx

aims said...

When the years have passed and you can no longer do this climb - you will have these beautiful pictures to remind you.

For us - we can only dream and gaze in awe at the view. Thank you Brett.

Ranger Faff said...

Brett, I can't believe it but these photos are getting even BETTER!!!!

Suburbia said...

What an amazing sky.

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