Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Credit crunch, latest

First the answers from Sunday;

1. Alanis Morissete Head Over Feet
2.Meatloaf Paradise By The Dashboard Light
3.Madonna Don't Tell Me
4.Nirvana Lithium
5.Oasis Wonderwall
6. Rolling Stones. You Can't Always Get What You Want
7.Red Hot Chilli Peppers Under The Bridge
8. The Sex Pistols God Save the Queen
9.The Verve The Drugs Don't Work
Not many got the Sex pistols, I think it must be an age thing.

The news this morning is all about the financial meltdown and how terrible it all is, to hear some of the reports you would think that it’s the end of the world, what a load of crap. Ok, so the American government cannot decide if it should throw lots of money at the problem or not, and all the people telling them they should work in the financial sector, just where the money will end up (also securing their jobs and fuelling their bonuses, as if they haven’t taken enough money already). On the other side of the fence are the people saying that if you throw the money at something that is broken it will stay that way ( just like a hole in a petrol tank, you can keep filling it and the car will run, but the problem is still there). In the UK we have come up with our own solution, sell what is good (at a knock down price and to foreigners) and nationalise the crap (does that now mean the all those people with B&B mortgages are now council tenants?). Melt down or not, I have picture for at least the next week, so I’m not going any where.
A shot to cheer you up, my pint of Guinness from Saturday, taken outside a country pub in wonderful sunshine.

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the eternal worrier said...

Well said on the crunch. Great photo. How do you see these things!!!

babooshka said...

Here it's even worse as the econonmy rests upon the finacial industry, us being a supposed tax heaven. Rules and regulations have tightened and the foreign money is slowly moving to the Carribean or Iceland. Too complex an issue, but safe to say a sinking ship. I''l substitute the superbly taken guiness for a Jack Daniels while I can still afford one. I velieve the ice if still free at time of writing.

( be warned there is a virus attached to certain awards and nemes. I have been hit, and will no longer be excepting them. Lost a lot of work, but forutnately backed up on good old disc.)

Lisa B said...

Very cool shot, and reminds me that lovefilm sent me a £1 coupon off Guiness which I still have to use ;0).

Sue said...

Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I'm glad your comment lead me over to YOUR blog. Very nice.

This particular image made me look very closely. What wonderful light and what a creative image.

I also was fascinated with the image of the leaf caught in the dried Queen Anne's Lace (?).

I'll check back in from time to time to see more of your work.

Lola said...

Ha! Sex Pistols was one of the few that I got. I should have known the Oasis one as well...

Emmie said...

yummy! wondeful shot there :)

the current financial situation is a very sad one indeed - I feel for all those affected.

junebinflorida said...

As a newcomer to Blogger, I especially appreciated your taking the time to comment on mine. I was a bit taken aback, as I follow your blog regularly and have recommended it to many friends. You are a fantastic photographer. As an inveterate anglophile, I love "visiting" your country through your photos. I am such an amateur. Your post was my inspiration to start "gracefulagingnow".
Junebinflorida , Sarasota Florida

aims said...

Great shot Brett!

And thanks for your wonderful comment over on mine. Your posts touched me deeply as I related to your feelings.

As for the Americans....pfffft. Being their next-door-neighbour makes it especially tough. It is really affecting us. They got themselves into it though didn't they?

lucy said...

That is just simply one of the coolest photos I have ever seen!

Suburbia said...

Well said! Clever shot :)

Michaela said...

You know what I hate about the internet? You can't hear the enthusiasm in my voice when I say things like, "Holy moly! That's a great shot!" I'm an exuberant person and it just sucks that you can't hear my excitement. Specifically though, I love the reflection on the froth. That's pretty much one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Too bad I don't like beer! (I'm also underage, but who follows that rule anyways?)

sumwearnnyc said...

Your list sounds like all the songs I sang at a karaoke bar last week. Cool pic btw!

ShutterSpy said...

Excellent! The most inventive I've seen today :)

Emmie said...

a pint 'o' Guinness is more then enough to cheer someone up during the credit crunch, well, it would do me anyway ;)

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