Friday, September 12, 2008

Kitty galore

One of the best ways to wreck a friendship is to involve money, mainly because we all have differing incomes and attach differing levels of significance to items you buy and the money you buy them with. When, as we were, you are living with someone else for a week this can cause real problems, enter Kitty. The system is as simple as it is wonderful, you all put in a set amount at the start of the week and then when it comes to buying joint stuff like food or drinks, Kitty pays. This is were the madness starts to show, Kitty becomes an extra member of the group, being included in the conversations, like “ will Kitty let us have this extra tub of ice cream?” of course being a girl the answer to questions like this is always yes. This of course leads us to the conclusions that Kitty is a very generous girl, and following the run of the conversation during the week ended up with her dressed in a French maids outfit and thigh length boots!

Photo today is of the Newlands valley with a storm rolling in, still on of the prettiest places on earth. Click for a larger view.

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Caty said...

it is like a dream

Sunny said...

The mountains series of pictures are spectacular. They remind of Peter Pan's Neverland, thank you for a little window to the peaceful & colourful world


Haven't you had "In Bloom" before or is it just me? Never mind, lurvely picture. What are you, like, camped up there or something?!

Scarlet xx

wontletlifedefineme said...

We have a kitty system too (we just call it the jar) when we go away with friends. Works really well. And that picture is so gorgeous.. with that rainbow over the town.. it's really stunning.

How much time do you take for a picture like this though? I often travel with people who are not that into photography and I just don't get the time to set up good shots.

_Don said...

What a fantastic view. Isn't this just the greatest planet ever? You photography is fantastic.

aims said...

You obviously have a very comfortable relationship with your friends. How wonderful!

And yes - that is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Suburbia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suburbia said...

I presume Kitty was far to modest to be photographed in her 'outfit' ?!!!

(sorry, that last one was me)

Ranger Faff said...

Here, kitty kitty :-) You know that French maid thing is just gonna stick now, don't you? :-)

Absolutely beautiful picture, Brett. They just get better! And I wouldn't have thought they could, not after Great End. I want this one on my wall!

Princess Pointful said...

My God-- the colours are so phenomenal and ricj!!

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