Friday, September 26, 2008

Old skool

It’s strange but I never thought that writing this blog would take me back to times I had forgotten. Having spent 2 days thinking back to a time almost 20 years ago it has got me remembering lots of little details, the smell of a warm bear suit as you get in it after someone else (mostly the smell of the antiseptic wipes we used inside the head), the sound of a jazz band running through their numbers before going on stage, the feel of the big top just as lights drop before a show, the incessant sound of rave music (one of the other bears was a DJ in his spare time, hence yesterdays track), the days spent sitting in porta cabins watching the rain and praying for more (£1000 bear suits don’t like water, if it rained we did nothing), comparing injuries and scars (ice skating, stilt walking, fire juggling, rollerblades and unicycles were at are disposal, but not always the correct training). I wonder where my fellow bears are today, 2 were training to become doctors, 1 a dentist, 1 a nurse, 1 had qualified as an airline pilot, others I known stayed in the entertainment business as puppeteers and one went back to Australia to farm. Great days and some even better memories.

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babooshka said...

This image reminds me of the last frame of Colonel Blimp a marvellous poignant film. Airline Pilot! Very few photographers arrive so, we usually deviate from sensible "proper jobs" that are not really for us. I like this retrospective writing a joy to read so long as it does not depress you to look back. Question is will you try and find the former bears or will you remember them fondly as a youthful adventure? Nosey I know but I am intrigued. I am thinking are psuhing more traffic your way, but my only concern is some of them are quite brittle writers and questioners and I wouldn't want you harrased by their never ending photography questions that I am constantly emailing answers too.
Take care. B

Aline C. said...

I from Brazil and I put your link in my blog! Ok?
This blog is very nice! Congratulations!
Take care!


Michaela said...

I think that is one of my favourite photos that you've done. I feel like I should dive in to that water and lay on the leaves. If only I was the petite!

*Sigh* I love entering into your memories. You are an excellent writer and I truly enjoy taking 5 or 10 minutes and diving into your world and your photos. It's like a dream.

aims said...

Oh that's beautiful. It says Autumn all over it.

Suburbia said...

Very beautiful.

Princess Pointful said...

That is a stunning photo, with the combined textures.

(and I'm a little curious about the story behind the bear suit)

lucy said...

Blogging takes us places we didn't intend to go both past, present and future. It introduces us to new friends and might even incline us to find old. We discover talents we might not have known we is an amazing world isn't it!

I have so enjoyed sharing this world with you, your photos and your memories.

Thank you!

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