Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mr Mop

This striking building was the fore runner of the supermarket, a super corner shop. It started out as the co op and then fell empty when the new super market was built, some years later it was reopened as a shop and butchers and into this strange building I arrived to start my first job, 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon, mopping, brushing and cleaning, what joy! Not the most glamour’s of jobs but I did not have to get up at dawn and walk the streets doing a paper round like most of my friend did and I was in the warm (unless I was cleaning the walk in fridge) and best of all I learned how to mop! Years later and many changes the place is once again a co op and as I walked passed I wondered who was doing my job now.

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Paloma said...

It is a stunning building, and I appreciate the background you offered that ties you to it more intimately. Mopping skills will always come in handy!


Why can't our co-op be this fancy?! Everyone else get all the perks... But paloma is right, at least you have valuable mopping skills!

Scarlet x

P.S. How's it going with the photo competition? Have I missed something?

Emmie said...

who would have guessed a co - op could looks so good? You deffinatly bring out the best of things in your photos thats for sure x

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