Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Thank you for all your comments yesterday, I am unhappy about not getting the job, but my manager said he was happy that he was keeping me in the team and some of my ideas in my application have been shown an interest in and I may get to follow these up, so not all bad news.

Yes Aims, this shot was stitched (as is today’s) for those that don’t know what that means look here, I find myself shooting more and more of these type’s of shot as I cannot seem to fit the landscapes into one frame (this took 7). It has taken me years to get it right but now it is paying dividends and most of the shots I try work.

In Saturday’s post I said I would cover some things in greater detail, yesterday it was about the rain, today I will take a moment to discuss taking a moment. When walking in the hills you often find the best views are often the greatest distance away, take yesterdays shot, we had been walking for around 5 hours just to get to that point with another 2 hours to get back to the car and unlike the people in soaps and movies we need to have a pee every now and then. As we normally walk with friends this can lead to a bit of embarrassment (especially for the ladies, who are, of course, of a delicate persuasion), so in our group the mention that you need to take a moment is a signal for the rest of us to carry on and not to look back. This works fine for us, but other walkers are not so helpful, you can guarantee that if you have not seen anyone for 5 hours and you need to take a moment, the path becomes as busy as the M6 (local highway). It also happens that you most need to go is when you least want to, high wind, driving rain and freezing temperatures. All things considered it is times like these, more than the moments sat at the top of the mountain, which build up the bond of friendship, a common denominator that shows were all human and helps forge a link with the others in the group (rather like when you new partner farts for the first time, very embarrassing but also I sign that you are comfortable together (unless it’s a first date, then its just strange).

The shot today is of Ullswater, taken after we had turned back because of the heavy rain and high wind.

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aims said...

Ahh! The joys of outdoors!

Try 'taking a moment' in a fishing boat. Hanging over the edge and trying to make a cover noise in your throat is always a challenge!

Have you looked at this Brett?


Breathtaking - it's actually making me calmer looking at it (because of course I've had a horrible day where I basically sat for hours listening to powerpoint presentations with no escape while pins and needles began to spread throughout my bod. lol.)

Sometimes though I think things don't need too much explaining - maybe you'd be a fan of wordless wednesday? Oh god, and it's wednesday today isn't it?

I've blabbed enough - enjoy and never depair!

Scarlet xx

Emmie said...

wow, I have been missing out. Some lovely photos of your holiday, I love how you have cpatured the countryside and are not afraid to show it with dark clouds looming over head. Wonderful.

Michaela said...

Wow, TLC? You listen to a wide variety of music.

Beautiful photo!

Suburbia said...

That 'moment' thing can be a real pain! It happened to me the other day when we were walking a tow path. As soon as I found a 'secluded' place the tow path was suddenly like the High Street on a Saturday afternoon!

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