Thursday, May 22, 2008


100, yes 100, this is my 100 post and photo!!! And I’m not even a third of the way there. I started this on a whim, thinking that it would be easy; any idiot can take 365 photos in a year, as with most things I was wrong. People read this, well sometimes, and take the trouble to comment, I can not just post any old picture, and once the standard was set then I had to meet it or beat it. I once call the blog a monster I had to keep feeding, Frankenstein with an appetite, but I’ve got such a lot out of it so far, 100 good picture I would not have taken for a start. I’ve had contact with people from all over the world and the Isle of Man, found myself entwined with other peoples lives and dramas, and come across a love of writing I never knew I had( still only send 2 word texts though). Caz has complained she is a blog widow, my mum, hallo mum, has said she use to have a son now she has a blog! To all of you, a big thank you for keeping with me so far, knowing people take an interest keeps me pushing to provide better pictures. So today is the last of the fox cubs (for a bit anyway).

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Lola said...

Congratulations on making it to a hundred! And definitely best pic of the cubs so far.

My mum loves my blog, but she never heard from me before I started blogging. So she has gained a daughter and a blog.


Congrats - your blog has not lost any of its original appeal and the quality has certainly not diminished! Keep it up!



Yeah, I'm more likely to read a load of books in the garden to be honest! My mates are too caught up in nightlife - I think my drinking post made everyone realise that I wasn't going to get drunk and end up with a furry tongue lol
Oh, but I could go to a load of gigs... maybe actually do some work lol!


The D in D & T said...

fantastic photo - he has the sweetest little face.

i've tried sending another email to the new address. i really hope it works this time!

D [for Debbie :)]


Now I'm mad - you're actually going out in the sunshine? This is awful - it's sunny here but feels like minus 45! The wind is bitingly cold. Urgh. Come on summer - reach the NE of England pleeassee!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Beautiful photo, that should win a few competitions! Looking forward to the next 100!

Suburbia said...

Congratulations on your hundredth! It has been great reading you and the photos are always splendid! This little cub is sooooo lovely, the best.

Husband mentions being a blog widower often!!

Keep going!

Ranger Faff said...

Congratulations on your centenary, Brett! Loving the fox cub pictures and today's is the best of a very cute bunch. Stick with it - we're still all here! Even if sometimes we're a bit quiet... doesn't mean we can't appreciate in silence :-)

babooshka said...

Congrats on the 100. Quite an achiement. Over the 100 between my 2 blogs but not on one alone.

Love the cute little cub.

oing to mention a few peole in my ramsey daily blog on sat. Your's will be one with a link to the best blogs vote. Is that ok with you?

Jeanne said...

Well done reaching 100 I'm looking forward to the next 100. The fox cubs are wonderful. love Jeanne x

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