Sunday, May 4, 2008

Less than you deserve

Blogging is therapeutic I started the last post so depressed and low and finished it with a sense of direction. Comments are like writing post you haven’t written, I get a buzz when I see one has arrived (even if when you open it its spam). It’s Sunday so that is your lot. Picture is another boat given the same treatment as the last.

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I hate spam. I get spam e-mails. I think, after seeing "you have 1 unread message" something along the lines of "ooh! someone likes me!" but then it's off some weirdo trying to sell me music. I love music but I ain't opening any emails from strange record companies I've never heard of. Don't get me started on dodgy spam. You know what I mean...
Ciao x!

Suburbia said...

Have another 'Buzz' on me!! Lovely boat (as usual!)

Ashley said...

I think blogging is really therapeutic too. Every time I write a meaningful post, I feel a sort of release after I finish writing.
Good picture.

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