Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rainy days and Wednesdays

Its raining and my plans for the day were based on the assumption that it would be warm and sunny (England, summer what else could you expect). So I’ve just spent an hour doing house keeping on both blogs, resizing the fox cubs on the other blog and checking that I’ve copied all the photos from this one to my used file, I’d hate to post the same picture twice. During the process I found that I was missing two pictures so I had to go over every shot until I found them, I had not really re read the blog before and feel quite proud about it. I have also spent some time looking at the competition on the best of blogs, vote for me please, and have been surprised that I even made it to the final; the other blogs are huge, with loads of posts and tons of readers and seem to have been going for a lot longer, so I’m feeling a bit better by my low place in the standing (so far). The picture to day is from our trip to Rutland, and show the Bluebells again (one of the plans for today was to take today’s picture)

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Lola said...

There's something I like about a narrow depth of field. I can't remember how to achieve it on my sophisticated digital camera - do I drop the ISO rating or fiddle with some other settings?

vatsal said...

i have just started understanding photography...was looking my my dad's old camera dusting it i realised that it can be of use ...looking fwd to your guidance ...about what things to take care of the camera must be of early 70's its russian model ..i dont know i dont know which company/model it is...all i have figured till now is that it has adjustible shutter speed,apex focus,aperture,flashand a few features like b/w photography or adjustments for a rainy/sunny day.
havent tried it with the reel..


I've voted for you, so I hope you win. I also looked at the other blogs but I still prefer yours lol. Hope you are ok, and that you get somewhere with the "best of blogs"


aims said...

Hi Brett! Just popped over and voted for you! And wanted to thank you for your lovely comment over on mine.

wontletlifedefineme said...

Beautiful picture - I love those colours.

I wanted to do some blog maintenance as well this afternoon, but we had an internet powercut (that also left us telephone-less) for 5 hours. So I scanned in some pictures and read a book while tryng not to get toot fidgety!

travelling, but not in love said...

This is such a small world...I come here intrigued by the staffordshire connection (I'm an ex staffs man myself) and who do I find? Aims and did you get here?


Anyway, I really like the blog.

And fade away and radiate is such a great track - overlooked for too long.

wontletlifedefineme said...

I don't even know how I got here.. probably through a comment on another blog? Glad I came here though! :)

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