Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gone tomorrow

Another day spent standing around in a wood not seeing anything. 15 years ago I would have lay in a ditch for 3 or 4 hours without moving just to get a photo, now standing around for 15 minuets drives me crazy, I’ve just got no patience these days. Still it gives you time to think, I’ve written (in my head) some fantastic and witty post, all of which I’ve forgotten by the time I’ve got home (4 minuets in the car), I’ve redirected my career, decorated the house, landscaped the garden and generally put the world to rights, but not yet seen any fox cubs. Photo for today is of yesterdays hare, it was running quite fast through dense under growth, so I did not have much time to take the shot, but as I don’t see many of these this close I think that its worth a post.

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Lola said...

You describe your perfectly focussed shot of a speeding hare as if it were just a trip to the postbox - my shots of things that are standing still, that are not even living, can sometimes come out blurred. That lamppost? Oh yes, it moved just as I pressed the shutter. I caught it better on the next one.
p.s. I REALLY like your photos. Dunno why I find them especially satifying, but I do. Even the swan's wing. Hope you don't stop after just 365...

wontletlifedefineme said...

It's still a really good action shot.


Okayyyy, you've made your point lol! Stop bothering me with the saxophone analogy - in moderation IT CAN BE OKAY! Brett, I am not converted, but I am open to suggestion. I am not a great Madness fan, nor am I a great Zutons fan or Baker Street fan either!
Oh, but good choice for your song on this post - DM still rock, so does Dave's solo stuff lol!!


Suburbia said...

Wow he is sooo georgious (I do like allthings rabbity!)

Anonymous said...

The hare photo is fantastic Brett, I think all your pics are pretty woderful i may be a little bit biased but I'm sure that others agree with me. from Jeanne.

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