Thursday, May 8, 2008

I can stop when ever i want(honest)

I want another blog, its not that this one is bad, but it has limits that are limiting. First it has an end date, and I’m not sure I want it to stop (slight signs of addiction), second it is only one photo at a time and I sometimes want to share more. The one draw back is that this one was set up in 3 hours with no experience, and now I known a lot more I’m stuck, too many thinks to deiced about, colour, font, style, how big, the name and who to run it with. Not that I’m unhappy with blogger, far from it, it’s so simple to use that I would be a fool too change, but you do have to look, don’t you. So time is the killer, I hope to have it up and running in a few weeks, but knowing me I will be rushing round next January trying to get it done before this one finishes.

Picture today is of oil seed rape, this crop seems to take over the countryside with its bright yellow colour, it is normally seen as a sheet of yellow but I have tried to go for a different type of shot.

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Why don't you just do some posts on here that just have loads and loads of pics? To be honest, I'm addicted to blogging too - if I don't post one day, I'll spend loads of time just browsing through other blogs lol!
Great track, Depeche Mode rule! I love Dave Gahan's growly voice!

Scarlet x

Steph said...

Beautiful. I added a link to you on my page - I love your pictures!

girl with the mask said...

Pandora's box of the blogging world has been opened then. I know THAT feeling!

Suburbia said...

That yellow stuff is plying hell with H's hay fever right now!!
I know what you mean about changing, I would love to have an exciting layout but I am not competent! I could cheefully throw blogger out of the window tonight as it is so slow! But it is so easy to use.
You have to finish your year on this one though don't you?? I guess you could run two at the same time.

babooshka said...

The photo is gorgeous. Very Van Gogh
yellow. Now listen here this blogging lark. Get another, one that has no restriction or limitations. That's why I have 2. "Ramsey Daily Photo" is the one a day sensible, rules and regulations one,"Purple Haze" is for me a me alone and if anyone want to come along for the ride, they do on my terms. It's therapy,not a blog. Don't stop the blog, reinvent it.

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