Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sodomy non sapiens

My first car was a VW Beetle, it was bottle green nearly as old as I was and was the original “one lady owner”. I loved that car, I had it before I could drive and had to have it garaged a mile from home to keep it safe and save on tax and insurance. Every few days I would go down and sit in the car in the garage and just run the motor for a couple of minuets, until someone pointed out that it might be a good idea to move it out of the garage first. Beetle are great, cold, noisy, slow, but great, you feel like a member of a special family, other drivers flash and wave and people who owned them years ago still talk with affection of their cars individual faults, and faults they have in abundance. On my first try to impress Caz, I took her out in my bug, all went swimmingly until it started to rain, the windscreen wipers refused to come back once they had traveled over the screen and would only move if pushed from the passenger side, Caz spent the rest of the drive with a wet left arm (she still married me!).

Two new videos just been put up, enjoy.

The preview of the new site, its only very rough at the moment, is reached from my profile. It will change a lot I hope. Today’s picture is at Caz’s request, she wants at least one day to be dedicated to Kep, so here he is having a shake after getting out of Rutland water.

"Sodomy non sapiens", said Albert under his breath. "What does that mean?" "Means I'm buggered if I know."

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Suburbia said...

I had one of those!! It was my first car too, yellow and I loved it. The heater was either jammed on (boiling) or off (freezing) and it never quite caught up with the seasons!!
Keps expression in the last frame is priceless!

Geni said...

I like your blog - it is interesting and very visually appealing. But, here's what I want to know - what did sodomy have to do with your Beetle?! LOL I'm going to promote you on my site - would you do the same for me?

The D in D & T said...

Kep has the most expressive face. He looks so sheepish in that last shot!

and buggered if i know - LOL

Ranger Faff said...

Wow!!!!! And that exclamation is nothing to do with your photo for once! I checked out the Dave Grohl/Taylor Hawkins YouTube video for Stairway... absolutely hilarious - and it brought all my old being-in-a-band nostalgia flooding back! That is why we play in bands - it's a feeling like nothing else in the world.

Dave Grohl must surely be the coolest rock god - is there nothing the guy can't do? And he seems just a really really nice bloke!

Incidentally, have you ever heard snare/bass and just 2 cymbals sound like THAT (nice one, Taylor)! Great drumming.

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