Friday, May 9, 2008

Up and nearly running

Well I’ve got a new blog! I managed to at least start up a page and put a name to it, now comes the hard part. First, does any one known how you get larger picture on Blogger? At the moment the size on this one seems to be as big as it gets, if I stretch the photo after it up loads I lose quality. You can see this on the new blog as I am testing looks and templates using a couple of photos and some random text. Also do you known of any templates that are full screen and come in black?

Back to the real world, I have entered a photo in our local art competition, being meaning to do this for years and only think about it when they announce the results. Viewing it at the council offices Saturday and sometimes during the next few weeks, details can be found here leekartsfestival. Photo to day is grass, not that sort, the sort that you have to cut nearly every day, well it seems like it.

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Suburbia said...

Where do we find the preview?:)

The D in D & T said...

if you still want help making the photos bigger - let me know - email and i can talk you through it.

Anonymous said...

st stumbled across your blog. You take really good pictures!

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