Wednesday, May 7, 2008

surprise, surprise

I was lying in the grass at the side of a field, totally focused on the most perfectly framed and lit rabbit I had ever seen, just at the moment when I was about to commit it to film, it spooked, up and ran. After muttering a few words under my breath I sat up, 20 feet away across the corner of the field, with an equally miffed expression on its face, so did a fox. We shared a look, part surprise, part “so it was you that upset my breakfast/photo”, I reached for my camera and in a blink the fox vanished without a sound. When ever I see a fox close up I still feel that it’s an honour to be treasured, today I was honoured, by a ratty example of the noble breed, but it was still wonderful. This time it surprised me by walking around a tree I was standing by, but before it legged it I got a quick photo

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Polergirl said...

Beautiful photo! You weren't outfoxed today then! Lol x

Ranger Faff said...

Nice grab shot!

Bet Carolyn loves today's music - not!


Yeah, great! The fox still looks a little miffed...

caro said...

No not that one!!!!!

Globus said...

despite the expendability of the wabbit, that's a good pic of a fox :-)

Suburbia said...

You are right about feeling honoured when you see one. I do to. I saw one last night on our street, he was a fine specimine.

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