Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sleepy post

Oh how I wish for Tuesday, before life got interesting, £200 poorer but I’ve got the car back at last. Just started to think that my life was on track when 1 stressful day has left me a shaking wreck, they say that were all just one day without food, drink, or electricity, away from being wild animals (or something along those lines). But I think that one night without proper sleep can really put a different slant on your whole life. I think that (that’s too many “I thinks” in one post, but I’m knackered and will leave the high art to Shakespeare) (the ad lib has robbed me of my thought train, blogging ½ asleep is fun!) when it all comes down to it, all you can do is trust your family to support you and in return support them. I’m not the best husband and dad (to Kep, (one of those sad dog replaces children types)) but seeing how bad I can get, in a short time, makes me realise that when I’m ok my efforts should be focused on them. So from now on I am going to try harder (this is being written when I should be doing the hovering) well from now on once I’ve finish this. Picture today is of the man himself, give him water in abundance and he’s the happiest dog in the world.

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Ashley said...

What an amazing picture!
Kep is such a cute dog:)

girl with the mask said...

That is a brilliant shot! Look at the deatil in the water drops! Look!

Suburbia said...

Great picture. Hope you sleep better tonight!

Rozella said...

Hey Brett. Was just passing by. Wow, I must say that I'm impressed. You take really gorgeous photographs :)

The D in D & T said...

Kep is adorable! I agree with you, one bad day is all it takes, add a run of them and, well, forget it. I hear you Brett. Though, on the upside, one good day is usually all it takes to turn it all around too. Hope one comes your way real soon :)

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