Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hare today

Just spent the most fantastic morning stood in a wood surrounded by Bluebells and trying to photograph fox cubs. Unfortunately the cubs did not come out to play so I just stood around taking in the peace and quiet. The only excitement came when I was nearly run over by a speeding hare; it certainly stopped very quickly when it saw me. I cut short the days photography to write this and look for more layouts for the new blog, still no joy on the yet, but in the process of searching photo blogs I kept coming across my new pet hate. Music. Not that I dislike music, I fact I love it, but when it is automatically played when you open a blog it drives me nuts. I normally open 10 or so pages at a time and when one is playing a tune it takes forever to find it and switch it off, in the past I’ve closed the lot down just to stop the racket. Photo today is of bluebells again, bit more arty this time, hope you like it.

Now playing: The Blues Brothers - Theme From Rawhide
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Ooh, nice arty pic going on there! I appreciate that saxophones are okay with the Zutons and the Beat, just not on anything else. In fact, sometimes the sax on the Zutons can be unbearable. Luckily she doesn't play all the way through songs lol


girl with the mask said...

It looks a bit like a ghost of a bluebell... tres arty.

Suburbia said...

Dee daaah doo dee dee!! I hate the music too. I keep my speakers switched off while blogging!!

You were lucky to see a hare they are beautiful creatures, I have only been close to one once. Bad luck on the foa front but the bluebells are pretty anyway!

Suburbia said...

should read fox not foa!

Ashley said...

Sounds like you live in a really beautiful place!
How nice it must be to go outside of your home and see fox cubs and such beautiful flowers.

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