Saturday, May 31, 2008

Running dog

Kep runs, Kep runs like the wind, Kep runs like his tail is on fire, Kep runs as if all the hounds of hell are chasing him (for his autograph), but will Kep run in the direction you are calling him? Not a chance, the best you can hope for is a slow walk, with the hint of I’ll go faster in the other direction at any time look, at worst he’ll prove it. Its not that he is a bad dog, it’s just that he gets the devil in him, the one that reminds him he is “of wolves” and running expresses that more that anything (except ripping the throat out of soft fluffy animals, and Kep’s way to smart to listen to that). So when he runs I just stand back, stop shouting (try to look like he’s doing what I said) and look very proud.

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Kep is cute - probably too big for my house though!
Iron Maiden? Well, whatever floats your boat lol!


Anonymous said...

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