Thursday, May 1, 2008


I thought that I had had a bad day, then I read a post on Ashley's Blog and realised that it’s all relative.

So on with life, anonymous blogging, I’m not, but when you hope to make money from your photos it’s pretty daft to do it in secret, unless it’s that sort of photography (photography, ay? 'Photographs, ay', he asked him knowlingly?). I feel quite responsible about what I write, and try in the most part not to upset people( Israel, China and Leona Lewis excepted), this is because my name is here for all to see. Now I can see very good reasons for not using your real name,

1. There are a lot of very strange people with access to the net, do you really want to share everything with them?

2. Can you really be candid about every thing; your mum could read it!

3. Are your views at odds with your peer group, country or wife?

4. Can you only be you, by not being you?

All the blogs I read regularly are honest, safe, and in the right spirit, but it does worry me when I visit others and feel there is a darker motive for hiding their id.

Picture to day is the panoramic shot of the Hardknott pass, dedicated to Ashley.

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Ashley said...

Thank you so much for dedicating the beautiful picture to me and for caring so much.
You are such a thoughtful person.


Great pic as ever
Yea it's fine that you've added me I'll get around to adding you too!


Actually, I've already added you!



I'm not spamming you (seriously) but I've nominated you for a meme on jamjarsuperstar
Hope you'll complete it


girl with the mask said...

The whole reson I called my blog 'a mask to hide behind' was after the Oscar Wilde quote about being more inclined to tell the truth if you have a mask... I can see why people feel the anonimity of blogging can give them more freedom of speech... but in my mind, there is never any excuse for out-and-out natiness, online or other. x

Suburbia said...

Here her GWTM!

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