Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's a long way up

Why is it that when I have got time to write a post, nothing comes to mind. Still with all this lovely weather it too nice to sit by a computer. So I will let someone else entertain you, let me introduce you to George & Ben, I found their web page last year and lost a hour reading it, this is the back ground in their own words.

The plan was simple - to get from Land's End to John O’Groats(the bottom bit of the uk to the top bit, just for any non uk readers BT), by foot or by bike, without spending a single penny. The reason for doing it was to prove that hospitality and generosity is alive and well amongst the people of Britain”.

Hope you find it as fascinating as I did. Picture to day is of some bluebell, by the way i did the same journey by hitch hiking in 3 1/2 days, when i was a lot younger.

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That is pretty interesting - when I find some more time I'll read it. I haven't been on the blog for ages because I've been ultra busy (which is bad, obviously!).
Anyway, great pic. And summer's NOT here - it's 13 degrees C out there, not 20-something like it is everywhere else in the country (my bad for wearing shorts, I was freezing lol)!
I envy your weather.....


girl with the mask said...

Great snap 365!

Ashley said...

I'll defiantly have to read that!
Love the picture. Beautiful colors.

Anonymous said...

Is this close to where you live? It's so beautiful!

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