Monday, May 19, 2008


It’s worth it!! All that time spent tramping around in the woods has paid off, today I saw my first fox cubs of the year, 3 little cuties, playing out in the sunshine. Of course they were in a hole that makes it almost impossible to approach with out them spotting me, too far away from cover to photograph with my normal lens and on private land so I cannot sneak any closer (well I can but I’ll just not have to get spotted). This hole up to now has always had rabbits sat outside so I think that the foxes have only just moved in, this has happened here on previous years and if they follow the same pattern they will move in the next couple of week to a hole closer to the path, but with better cover. Picture today is of course the cubs, well two of them the third is well to the left outside of the picture and looks like the most adventurous one of the lot.

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Anonymous said...

They're so cute! It looks like your patience finally paid off. :)

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