Tuesday, May 6, 2008

England my England

Just been reading one of my favourite blogs, the person writing it was just off to New York for a few days, New York, how exciting and exotic. But for her it sound just like a trip to London would be for me, great but it’s only a big city. This got me thinking (I do sometimes) the things that I do and see day after day to me are quite boring and ordinary but to other they could be interesting. Take last weekend I stayed in a lovely country cottage in what could only be described as a typical English village, you known the sort, it had a real pub(not one of those nasty chain types), an independent village shop that sold everything( with a owner that probably knew every thing about every body in the village), a church that looked liked it was loved and used, Thatched stone cottages with roses round the door and a village cricket ground. To someone from out side England this would have been something to write home about, to me it felt like I was home (the welcome and the food and the excellent pint in the pub helped). So today’s picture is taken from the garden of the place I was staying, while we were having a barbeque ( not very English, but it did try to rain), and is of a game of Cricket( really English, even if we do not do it so well).

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girl with the mask said...

And that is like the ultimate thing, I think, finding the beauty in everyday life... I do like to stop and smell the roses.


Well I wish all places in England were as pictoresque (yes, I know I've spelt this wrong!) as this village. My town is (excuse me) really scummy and it's always so bleak. What I'd give to be in a beautiful place like that.


Anonymous said...

It is so easy to take for granted that which is on our own doorstep. It's great to look at the 'same old' through another pair of eyes sometimes! Mmm, those roses smell good today! :-)

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