Monday, October 13, 2008

Antarctica come on up.

2/3 of the way through this blog, at least the target I set myself of posting a photo every day for a year and as I look back on all the shots I feel quite proud at the standard I’ve managed to hit. It has come at a price though, every walk turns into a search for shots, every spare moment is spent thinking of things to shoot or to write and when at the end of the day the post is written and the image published, it starts all over again. When I reach the end of this year (14 of February) I will change the blog so that I don’t post every day, although part of me will miss doing this. But before then I have still got a third of a year to play with and need some things to aim for, as I have already hit one of my main targets which was to be Blog of note (a real pipe dream that came true and hit me totally out of the blue). First I would like to finish the year without missing a day, second I would love to get my countries count up to 200 (163 at the moment). Another blog award would be nice and I’m missing a reader from one continent as I have yet to have a visitor from Antarctica. Away from the blog I would love to win a photo competition and maybe even earn some money from my photos (but for this I would really have to try and sell some and that is part of the problem).
The poem from yesterday was written by my mum and I think that it is the first time it’s been published on the web. The image was an other of the shots from Rutland, a lovely afternoon/evening spent sat at the edge of the lake drinking and playing games, watching the sun go down.

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Jannie Funster said...

But you know what - every shot is worth it!

Jannie, also a Joni Mitchell fan, as seen on yout tag on Blooger. I mean, Blogger. (Yes I'm a blooging blogger.)

Suburbia said...

Wow, you come from an artistic family then. I loved your mums poem. And your birthday is on Valentines day, how special is that?! I will miss you when you don't post daily! (no pressure!!!)

Ranger Faff said...

Lovely photo, Brett! Going on from your film misquotes the other week can I leave this one with you?

Which palindromic group had a palindromic song? ie which band, whose name is spelt the same backwards as forwards, had a hit song which was also spelt the same backwards as well as forwards? The two names are NOT the same :-)

BlackRainbow said...

"I will change the blog so that I don’t post every day, although part of me will miss doing this"

I`ll miss those daily photos too.Sad...
Great picture...Great blog
Keep up the good work.

Karen Logan

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