Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feel the love

Congratulations to Babooshka, Her blog RAMSEY DAILY PHOTO has just being named Blog of note, and about time too. This blog is a bit of a fraud, it claims to be a daily photo site, like many out there, but it is much, much more, unlike a lot of photo sites the writing out weights the photos on most days and again, unlike most photo sites, the writing is always as good if not better than the photos. The reason for this is that she is talking about things that are close to her heart and in common with her pictures this gives the writing the edge over the bulk of the other sites. Now she can enjoy the fruits of her labours, about a week of fantastic visitor figures, that if they were anything like mine, will blow her mind.
Now for awards given too this site over the past couple of weeks, first from Chrissy at serioustwinsgirl came the “Brillante weblog” award, then hot on its heels came “This blog is rated Excellent” award from Jamjarsuperstar. Thank you both, there are times when doing the blog feels like a tasks rather than a thing to be enjoyed, then you get things like these and it feels worth it.
Now to pass on the love, first the “Brillante weblog” award goes to Marjolein at wontletlifedefineme, always the best writing of any blog I read (and I only read the very best) which given that its not even in her own language is fantastic. It also goes to Aims at bigbluebarnwest, this time for making me cry so often, but in a good way.
The “This blog is rated Excellent” award goes to Lisa B at glimpsesthroughthemashrabeya, one of the few (may be even the only one) photo sites where I wish I had taken some of the pictures, very few words but great shots with a unique style.
Today the photo is of the clock tower on the stables at Tatton hall, a good reminder that I’ve being writing this post too long and must get on to some real work.

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Lisa B said...

Brett, thanks so much for the award and your kind words, a lovely start to my day today. Great photo!

travelling, but not in love said...

Quite the photo - and I approve very much of your choices for the roll of honour. Good calls.

aims said...

Dearest Brett -

You are such a kind person. You have moved me very much with your wonderful words and this has come at a time when my own heart has just been broken once more. I don't know if it will heal this time Brett -

I will add this award with pride - mixing your tears with mine.

Jannie Funster said...

WOw, you just know a mama of a storm is on its way with that one. Gorgeous lighting.

Excellent choice for your blog award too.

babooshka said...

That bloody babooshka woman! It has been as vinnie jones would say emotional. 100 commnet on a mid week photo, similar to one I posted for skywatch which already had 127 commnets prior to blog of note. S***!
Now to the bar steward who nominated me in the first place you just wait, you'll be getting your own 100 if i get my way.

The writing has taken over from the photography, which is why I have to come here to touch base and rememeber, what I should be doing. You are still the master as far as I'm concerned re the photography as this atmospheric image proves.

babooshka said...

I really msut check my typos before posting. You say I can write too.

Emmie said...

some great blogs mentioned there :)

Well to to you for receiving awards and well done to those who you mentioned! x

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