Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Still ill

The answer to Sundays quiz, as some of you got, was that they are all miss quotes, famous for not being said, and as Shutterspy pointed out, 'elementary, my dear Watson' could have been included, except that it was from the book that the misquote get attributed to.
I’ve had a strange weekend and knew that some of it was going to happen so pre wrote the blog on Thursday, planning to write Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday’s posts. After I had finished I realised that Friday was the 1st year anniversary of our great friends and I had planned to use a particular photo and words to match, so Fridays post became Mondays and the post you got on Friday was the one I had pre-planed. As it happened I was ill over the weekend and Monday so it worked out for the best.
The reason for the strange weekend, a photo shoot on Friday night featuring the most well behaved model and his mum and dad (who were quite good as well). As some of you may know I have just purchased some studio lights and needed a subject to test them on and could not have got a better one. I have never photographed a child before (well a baby in fact as he is only 5 weeks old) and found it quite a challenge, the whole of my technique is based around seeing photos and capturing them, not setting them up, and me being the shy retiring type also has a problem telling people what to do. Still the shots look really good and if I can get permission I may post one later.

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If you are still ill, I hope you feel better soon. Love the web shot you have here, and would love to see some or one of those pics you took of the kid and parents.

Lisa B said...

Brett, I want a web like this! It's fantastic. Hope you are feeling better, I think maybe it is a UK 'change of season' illness, I missed posting yesterday being ill.

Ranger Faff said...

Hope you're feeling a lot better, Brett. Glad the baby shoot went well - look forward to maybe seeing the pic on the blog. Maybe this could be the start of something... fingers crossed. Utopia: to be able to make money out of something you love doing.

Is it too much to ask for a quiz like the misquotes one day a week or on an occasional basis?!! :-) great fun!

And thanks again for Friday's pic which meant so much.

EP said...

I hope you're feeling better. Being sick sucks.

Children are hard to photograph on multiple levels. Either you get really posed stuff or if you're doing portraits, sometimes they won't interact with you. However, catching a child in a unique moment where they've forgotten about the camera is gold.

That spider web photo is cool!

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