Friday, October 24, 2008

Designer post

The start of another hectic weekend, I’ve given up making plans as when I do the weather or some other factor changes every thing. So what I’m not intending doing is lots of walking and taking photos, I would also like to shop for a new jacket, I’ve got one in mind and have started to research it on the web. Now the jacket in question is an old us army design and what I would really like is an ex issues one in good condition, but can I find one, not a chance. I can get new copies for around £40 or and this is the point of the post, designer aged copies, complete with fake repairs for just £449, ten times the cost of a perfect bran new copy! People will fall for anything.
Taking of fall here’s today’s picture.

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Suburbia said...

Hope your weekend is more restful than you expect and that you get your jacket! Any chance of a pic of it if you do?!

Daisy said...

Love the pic, very evocative of autumn mornings walking through soggy but beautiful leaves. Bon weekend!

Arun kumar said...

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Lola said...

I love taking pictures of leaves - what makes yours better than mine (among other things) is that I think you've used flash to make the central area brighter than the edges. It seems to work, so I'll have a go...

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