Saturday, October 25, 2008

Im just a jealous guy

First and saddest part of the weekend over, we have just waved off Trevor on the second leg of his journey up to the Lakes. It has become a bit of a tradition that he stops here over night and gets an early start for the next day, it’s also a tradition that we eat and drink too much and stay up well past our bed time, so that the next morning ends up being a bit of a late start after a long breakfast. I am so jealous of him, a whole weeks walking in the lakes in autumn, with all those wonderful colors.
The photo today is taken from just across the road from our house and shows Leek in all is glory. The church on the left is where we got married many years ago.

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geelizzie said...

what a beautiful place to live!

Jean said...

I am jealous of your view! What a lovely place to live, great photo, thanks for sharing.

Michaela said...

*Sigh* What a beautiful place! Wouldn't it be funny if you didn't actually live there and you really lived in some rundown ghetto. That would be funny and disappointing at the same time!

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