Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tails from the bark side

Kep as I have mention before loves water, give him a lake, tarn or muddy pool he will dive straight in without a second thought. But if you want him to get wet he suddenly develops hydrophobia and will avoid water at all cost. Take puddles, he will not walk in one, if there is one in his way he will push you to one side, in to the road if necessary, just to avoid it. His favourite game is to drop his ball into the canal and the refuse to get it out, leaving you with the option of walking away, and losing the ball, or getting it out, and losing your dignity. Once by a local lake Kep dropped his ball in to it and refused to get it out, after ¼ of an hour , along came an other dog walker who kindly offer her dogs services to swim out and get the ball (oh the shame of it).
Keps current treatment for his doggy paws is to have them wash in warm soapy water, a pawdicure if you like, but will he let us, you would think the bowl was filled with acid. He has tried every trick in the book from lying down to levitation (this did not work, because when he lifted the last leg he fell over). Still we love him and although we get more water on us, we think he’s worth it.

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Lisa B said...

ahhh, I love Kep too :). Beautiful shot, where is it?

aims said...

Oh - I love water! What is that building and where does that stretch of land lead to?

Animals are angels here on earth - sent to watch over us for a while. They are all worth it.


So does this mean Kep's Irish? Any water song would've done nicely as well of course. Everyone loves Kep - our companion on 365to42!

Scarlet xx

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Funny Kep! Baylee just went through a paw pad injury requiring a special bootie be worn while it healed. She was good about wearing it, but what a chore! You guys and Kep have my sympathies as you trudge through this process. Good luck!

Suburbia said...

Paw thing!! It seems a long time that you've been padicuring him. Is he improving a little?

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