Tuesday, October 21, 2008

With out you, i'm nothing

Met a chap on Sunday who was living a life that I had always thought I would love to try. He had brought a canal boat and was refitting it from scratch, both inside and out and was intending to live on it full time. He reckoned that it would cost around £2000 per year for moorings, insurance and fuel, a great saving over what he was paying on his house with the mortgage and all the other costs. The reason for him doing this was that he had just become divorced and had reevaluated this whole life, starting a fresh with little in the way of costs. I had always said to my self that if anything should happen to me and Caz that’s what I would do, but having put my self in his position my only thought was that it would be wasted if I could not share it with Caz. I known that I moan about her and don’t treat her as well as I should, but she is my reason for being, without her who would I have to try to impress and who would I have to love.

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Michaela said...

That's an awesome shot. I love how the greens and yellows just stand out against the grey. Beautiful!

I wish that I could just up and leave and do something crazy or go somewhere random. Too bad life doesn't let you do that. Too bad being responsible sucks most of the time!

Suburbia said...

You always have such wonderful things to say about your partner. She is lucky to have you, perhaps you can do the boat thing together someday?
Stunning leaves :)

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Outstanding post accompanied by the perfect song. Caz is fortunate indeed to have you, and vice versa. Have a lovely day.


Brilliant shot - I think you keep getting better with every photo you take, which is really interesting!

I'm surprised that you don't have the Placebo song of the same title as your blog post on FoxyTunes though - it would have been v. appropriate!

Scarlet xx

scargosun said...

I read a book that had one of the characters living on a canal boat. I thought it would be a very interesting life. I'd want someone to share it with too though.

Jannie Funster said...

Ahh, what a sweet sentiment for your other half.

Personally, I would worry about feeling secure on one of those, especially at night.

Another super pic!

travelling, but not in love said...

Great post Brett. it's all anyone is after really - someone to share it all with. You're a lucky man.

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