Friday, October 10, 2008

Up up and away

I have spent the week doing very little; one of the drawbacks of being off work ill is that you have lots of time and very little drive to do anything. As I said yesterday I’ve surfed the net reading blogs (very little effort in that) and written a few posts for this one (even less effort you might think), but after only 4 days I’m starting to feel detached from real life, which is very strange as this time last year I had been off for a month and had 5 more yet to come. Looking back I think I must have been a very different person back then, the thought of spending that amount of time stuck at home drives me round the bend.
One of the things I notice on my travels around the blogs was that a few that I started to read in my first few weeks have since dried up and stopped posting, I can understand this as it is a lot of effort to keep going, but for me the rewards are the lovely comments and finding my name mentioned on other sites and normally in a good way.
Picture for today is an almost clich├ęd view of a hot air balloon at sunset, flying over rolling English countryside, complete with church.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder what keeps me blogging, and I, like you, think it's the interaction with people through comments and posts.

I love the colors in that picture. Hope you feel better soon.

Jean said...

Brett - your photos are awesome. I admire your work and creativity - you have a unique eye. Take care, hope you are feeling better. Love your blog!

Michaela said...

Excellent shot!

I had another blog, "The Hourglass", but I gave up on that one. Too much up-keep. It's hard to have a blog and keep it going every day.

I wish I could swap places with you and have the time off work, though I don't want to be sick. Life is so unfair! :P

Suburbia said...

I know what you mean about the rewards of blogging. SOme people think we are all bonkers though and wouldn't understand the pleasures!! In the end, its all about communicating with others. You either are that sort of person or you're not I guess.

aims said...

Love the colours and the solitary balloon.

Now - get better!!

Emmie said...

Lovely, the colours are not typical of a sunset that I would recognise, they make me think of the Sahara and so forth. It's nice to see something different, as cliched as you may think it is, I think it's quite unique x

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