Saturday, October 11, 2008


I inspire people (according to the comments I get), I don’t mean to, I certainly did not set out to, but it makes me feel worth while for the first time in a long time. I work for a big company and although I feel that it is a good place to work, I feel that I make very little impact on the world doing my job, a week off sick and the place has not shut down seems to prove that. But with this blog I do seem to be having an effect on people and it seems to be a positive one. My main aim was to do something that would mark my passing and if my mark is that other people take more photos and get enjoyment from doing that than I’m very happy with that. My own photography started to improve when I started to take photos just for me, but it has jumped on by have to shoot for the blog, as in anything, if you have to do it over and over again you will improve, and with this I have to keep changing the way I shoot to keep the photos from looking all the same (having the seasons change helps a lot too).
Today’s photo comes from Rutland and after what I’ve just said this one does look like some of my other ones, but it’s a subject that I like the look of.

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Polergirl said...

Another superb shot. I'm glad you are finally recongising your gift Brett. There are thousands of photographers out there, but only a handful can capture emotion, inspiration and story in the way that you do so naturally.

Keep it up!

aims said...

Oh Man! That photo just made me sigh! I love it! Of course loving water and loving boats helps doesn't it?

And yes. You do inspire Brett. Your beautiful photos made me talk The Man into buying a better camera. We are practising - and probably always will get a better photo that can take the breath away like yours do.

Rachel said...

The reflections on the water really make this a wonderful picture.

Suburbia said...

Great reflections, both form you and in the photo :)

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Another epiphany for me this day. I found you thanks to Blogs of Note, and recognized your talents immediately. Checking here everyday I've been drooling over the genius, mouth-watering photography of an expert. Never did I think of you as anything but professional, so YES, you do inspire - thank goodness, and thank you!

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