Saturday, October 18, 2008

An eye for an eye

What makes a good photo? As I was taking today’s shot one of the people with me asked why I was photographing dry mud and the answer to me was simple, because there is a photo just waiting to be taken. This did not seem so obvious to her, until she looked at the mud thinking about it as a photo, then I think she got it.
Most of the times I see images and it is almost as if they already have a frame around them, this normally happens when I have not got a camera with me, but if I have it can lead to some cracking photos. I think that this skill of seeing shots can be learned, it not as easy as learning to use a camera and takes longer to pick up, but involves no real effort or hard work. For me it takes two forms, the first is taking lots of shot and I mean lots. From these you start to develop an eye, you see how things change from real life to image, your human eye is a far better optic than any you will fit on your camera and your brain is infinitely better than your computer and screen at showing and processing an image. So if you take lots of photos you will learn how they change and be able to change them in your head while looking at a view without taking the picture, if that makes sense. The second part for me is getting ideas of other images and I do this by looking at other peoples photos. Other people see the world differently and because of this take different photos, so if you spend the time looking at as many images as you can, you will learn to see the world in different ways, giving you a larger range of photos to chose from when you look at a particular view.

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Lisa B said...

this image would make a terrific texture!

Polergirl said...

Mud, mud, glorious mud...
It always finds me - creeping up my trousers, splashing onto my shirts - and all within a few minutes of getting dressed, how does it do that?!?!

I think it was me that asked that question - and you made me realise that I need to really see things rather than just 'look' at them. Thank you for opening my eyes even wider.

Igotmebabe said...

I thought everyone photographed dry mud :) Love shots like this

babooshka said...

A good photo is one you enjoy ans speaks to you. My techincally best images, are the least bought.

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