Thursday, October 23, 2008

Black history week

Important news first, Keps ok, he’s had the biopsy and is back home safe, if a little worst for wear. We just have to wait for the results which will be ready in about 10 to 12 days.
If this next bit offends any one, it not suppose to. We are having at work today a ”Drink, Sit and Talk” session about Black history, so time away from our very demanding jobs to discuss black history. Now I’m not one to complain about time away from work, far from it, but why just black history. Considering that this rules out all the great civilizations, Persian, Inca, Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Indian and Asian, but also strikes me as quite racist. Lets face it if we had time off our jobs to talk about White history, people would start to ask if we hand out white hoods and burning crosses at the start of the meeting. This is not the first time this year that time has been devoted to minority groups with an emphasis that would be unacceptable if it was direct at white, straight, Christian, males. Now as a member of that group I do find it increasingly frustrating that we seem to be finding more and more ways to high light differences than we do to break them down. On my desk at work is a sheet of paper with photos of 10 famous Black Britons (ones Jamaican, ones Dutch and two are ½ cast, but whose nit picking), these are all people with a claim to fame, and that’s my point they are just people, do we really need to point out that Shirley Bassey is black, isn’t the fact that she can sing not the important bit? When blogging it is very difficult to know who you are reading and what they are like in real life, so things like color, race and sex become less important than the message they are trying to get across, I just wish that was the same every where in life.
Picture today is of Kep feeling the worst for wear, to add insult to injury the bandage has nice smiley yellow faces on it.

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babooshka said...

In the bloggoshpere we are the persona we choose to be. It is a great leveller. I think being island bound now I am to be honest a little naive in my thinking. I am not a fan of positive discrimintaion, and I'm a woman and an oustider. The Shirley Bassey comment summed it up best. Strangely my first thought is singer, second Welsh, the same as I would with Tom Jones or Charlotte Church. Colour doesn't come into the equation for me, people do. The list of black people though you mentioned, and one can hazard a guess at who they are, is a ridiculous. If we have to go down this road I could name you hundreds of Black people who are famous Britains without macking a mockery of it by resorting to Dutch footballers. Now that is derogatory to all.

Very thought provoinking post. Poor
Kep. I hope the smilies cheer him up a little. Give his tummy a rub from me.

Lisa B said...

Oh I do hope Kep is feeling and looking much better very soon. I'm curious about where you work ..... I bet there are other people thinking the same ....

Jannie Funster said...

Looks like Kep is well in la-la land. We all anxiously await the results with you.

When you prefaced the main part of your post with "if the next bit offends anyone," I thought you were going to talk about poop or vomit or something gross like that.

Who am I to judge anyone I have not walked a mile in the shoes of?

I wish everyone well and peace.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Interesting post, Brett. I'm more than positive others carry similar thoughts tucked safely within them but to speak them aloud would bring rath and rant down upon one's head. Kep is a lucky pup to have such caring parents. Get well soon, Kep and hope all goes well.

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