Sunday, October 26, 2008


Where is sleep tonight,
like a lover out of sight.
I reach out my hand
to that other land,
Oh where is sleep tonight.

I toss and turn in my bed
Thinking of words left unsaid
Words I can’t say
in the brightness of day,
Oh where is sleep tonight.

A magical place in the night,
where my lover holds me tight.
Another world far away
Far from the cares of the day,
Oh where is sleep tonight.

Jeanette McKee

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Lisa B said...

Brett, hope Trevor is ok in the Lakes after hearing on the news about the awful weather conditions there.
Lovely poem, the emotion comes through.

Jannie Funster said...

I would like to be in that crevice. Or should I say crevasse? Where it be?

Michaela said...

Great poem! I'm asking "where is sleep tonight" a lot these days.

Sunny said...

What a mysterious place

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