Thursday, March 13, 2008

The camera never lies

Well that is not quite true, look at most, if not all pictures of celebrities on magazines covers, their eyes are very clear, the whites very white, the skin very smooth and even coloured. With today’s technology any image can be changed in any way, its all just bits of computer information. I’ve had a couple of comments about how I create my photos, so here’s a run down of what I use. All the pictures so far have been taken on a Nikon D80 SLR; the images are then sorted and processed using Adobe Lightroom.

Yesterday’s photo was taken in colour and then using lightroom all the colour was removed except for the yellow, the contrast and shadow were increased and a vignette was added to focus the eye towards the centre of the image. Today image in contrast has just had the exposure changed slightly to improve the colour and contrast.

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kostas said...

When we want,camera always lie!
Thank your visit.
My son was there,Cambridge but the weather was very beautiful too often!

The Letter A said...

Your photos are beautiful - very nice. Do you edit a lot of them and if so, what do you use? I would love to learn how to photoshop - that is next on my list.

Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting - I appreciate it.

freefalling said...

Hey Brett, you popped by my other blog (AraratDP) a couple of days ago and I followed you back here. I've just had a good sticky-beak and I've really enjoyed some of your posts.
I LOVED the photo on 11/3 and I can't believe you caught that sheep mid head butt. I followed your link to the bloke who posts a photo of himself at the same time every day (you have to admire his commitment).
And I really appreciated the links to the Antarctica sites (I've always wanted to visit there, too!).

Good luck with posting every day (it's really, REALLY hard!)

Mo said...

Great view

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