Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mine's a large one

Sheep shaggers Gold, Old Slapper, Goblings Swinging Gibbet, Old Stoat wobbler, Pressed Rat And Warthog, Hampton Caught, Piston Bitter,Well Blathered, Builder's Bottom, Guzzler and Sneck lifter. No I’ve not gone mad, but I have upset the spell checker, again. These are all real, real ale names, set down so that any ex pats out there can have a nostalgic pub moment. Why? Because I have notice on my wandering around the blogsphere, that a lot of bloggers seem to have a fascination with drink and some even use it as an aide to posting. You know who you are. Last on the list is my favourite, Sneck Lifter, made by the wonderful Jennings Brewery (any free samples much appreciated) All of these beers reflect how diversity and difference is crucial to an interesting life, like yesterdays post about music, supporting small independent breweries keeps the option of choice available to us all and lets them create more wonderful beers with wonderful names.

The picture today is of an old gate hinge, the nearest I could get to a sneck.

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Suburbia said...

Sadly I upset the spellchecker using my normal english!! Like your post today.
Who is Suburbia.....Read my post and all will become clear!

The D in D & T said...

your beer talk is killing me in the best possible way :)

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