Thursday, March 20, 2008

For the girl that has every thing.

Today is Carolyn’s birthday; she is my wife, my best friend and the centre of my universe. She is also my boss, my spell checker and my toughest critic. Most of the good that I am today is down to her, all the faults are down to me. A card and a present do not even come close to show what she means to me, I can only hope that you reading this have found, or will find your own Carolyn, then you will known just how happy she makes me.

Today’s photo is of the gift I got her, he is made of wool by a local artist, Megan Walmsley-Pitts,, who will do commissions based on photos of your dog.. He stands about 4” high by 5” long, and is dead sweet. I’ve included her e mail if you want to known more details.

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Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Many happy returns, and what a lovely
idea for a gift! Thanks for your comment on mine. Where abouts were the wolves?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Carolyn from Caroline -and what a fun & unique gift.

Also, like your 365/42 blog concept!

babooshka said...

So long as you didn't gIve Carolyn one of those knitted doghair jumpers, how much would they moult.Many happy returns.

Also noticed pics i take randomly, or are least interested in myself, sell the most.Anthing with purple in for some reason.

Suburbia said...

Hound of love, what a perfect song. I had to listen to it all the way through whilst singing at the top of my voice!!! Lucky I'm alone at the moment.
Your hound of love must have been the perfect gift. She's a lucky woman!

The D in D & T said...

Happy Birthday to Carolyn!

Gorgeous gift - he / she is adorable!

ciara said...

Happy Birthday to Caroline! the gift is adorable.

ciara said... would help if i spelled her name right..CAROLYN. so sorry : /

caro said...

Wow I've never had so many birthday greetings from people i've never met.

By the way the gift is cute but not as cute as the real Kep.

Thank you.

Ranger Faff said...

Brett! He's fantastic! Happy Birthday, Blonde! Have a fantastic Easter, the three of you!

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