Saturday, March 8, 2008


I’m not the worst out there, I thought that taking pictures of my year could be a bit self obsessed but there are more self focused people out in web land. Meet JM from Paris, he takes a picture of himself everyday at 09.09. Genius and he’s being doing it since 2002! Also on the daily photo trip is, Eric the friendly Parisian, takes photo of the fair city and posts one per day, he also takes requests! From his page you can follow links to other daily photo blogs featuring cities from around the world, this for example is Boston, well worth a look as they are not the normal tourist shots.

Photo for today is the second of the landscape shot I took this week after it snowed.


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jm said...

hello bret!
good luck until 42!

Neva said...

This amount of snow is about the right amount for me!!! Very nice. Thanks for your comments on my "let me be blunt" I really am amazed at the nerve of some people and I like your...."sod off" technique!! thanks for the encouragment.

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