Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shot in the dark

How do you rate something? How do you attribute value to something that really does not cost anything? People often comment on how good my photos are, but to me they often look run of the mill. The reason I think that they are nothing special is that they cost me no effort, so I think that anyone could have taken them. Its only when you try to tell someone else with a talent that what they do is special, that you realise that to them being able to play the guitar or sing is as easy as taking photos is to me. I started this blog to force me to take more picture as I often lose heart and faith that what I do is any good, this has worked, some of the images on here would never had happened without it. I think that most people under rate their special talents because we cannot judge it against anything, looking from blog to blog I have found so many amazing people exploring their skills by blogging on every subject under the sun and although Blogging is hard work I would recommend trying it to everyone.

Just sometimes I take an image I know is good, this I hope you agree is one of them, taken during the weekend, in Wales at Claerwen reservoir, I was cold, wet and did not want to be there, but kept the faith and kept shooting.

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Suburbia said...

You're right it is a great photo. And yes blogging is such a great way to focus your tallent or reflect on life, be artistic etc. I love it!

Ranger Faff said...

Wow, Brett! That is just STUNNING! Glad you had a good weekend!!

shelly said...

This is wonderful!

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