Sunday, March 2, 2008

Urry up Harry

At last, news about the royal family that shows them in a good light. Prince Harry arrived home from Afghanistan yesterday insisting he was “no hero” and pointing to two badly wounded soldiers who returned on the same aircraft as “the real heroes”. I think that it is a glowing example to the youth of today when someone from a privileged background voluntarily goes onto the front line. This is a very good case for a rule that those who wish to lead, should serve first. Would are leaders be so keen to send men to war, if they had seen it first hand themselves. Soldiers very rarely start wars.

Still having Harry back safe must have been a wonderful mother’s day gift for his grandmother.

Happy mother’s day to my mum, she always encouraged me to read and took a keen interest in my photos, both of which have lead up me to doing this blog. Thanks mum.

The picture today is of a stick in water, sometimes the very simple can be very beautiful, not a dig at my blonde readers.

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Who you calling Blonde!!! - Caro

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