Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nice Beaver

Just received the latest news letter from the UK Wolf conservation trust, a fantastic organisation trying to help improve the wolfs image through education. I got involved with them after my wife brought me a Wolf walk from them, this consisted of a 2 hour walk in the woods with 2 American timber wolfs and then time afterwards in the pens with some of the other wolfs at the trust, a truly special gift. The news letter reported on the discussions relating to the reintroduction of wild species in to Scotland, at this meeting there was a pole taken on how many people were happy for certain animals to be introduced back to the wild. The results were as follows.

Beaver 90%, Lynx 75%, Wolf 50%, Bear 15%. I would love to see all of them reintroduced but can understand people's reluctance to see a great big bear wandering free in their local woods. Photo today is about as close as I get to real wild life at the moment.

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I'm Natalie. said...

Thank you for your kind comment.
Really loving your photography as well!



white wave said...

Thanks for the comment! Good luck on your running. I am enjoying your photos!

Suburbia said...

Love the title today!
My Small Sprog was a 'beaver' (pre-cubs, scouts etc.) He wasn't keen. However they did get badges for cleanliness on which were the words ''I'm a clean Beaver''!! Classic.

babooshka said...

OK. This is far too cute.

Anonymous said...

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