Sunday, March 16, 2008


What a day, most hits ever, thank you all. Fantastic result in the GP, thank you Lewis. Wonderful day out, thank you Sandra, Trevor, Caz, Sam and Kep. Duffy still at number one, keeping Leona Lewis off the top spot, thank you Duffy. All in all not bad for a very wet Sunday. The picture for the day is of the day, a very wet group of friends waiting for me to finish taking photos so we can then go to the pub. Today’s title for the blog is for Sandra, you will have to Google it.

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caro said...

Great day - even in the wet

Anonymous said...

Chalchihuitlicue (Me) is the Goddess of:
Storms, Lakes, Streams, Horizontal Waters, Youthful beauty??? Birth, Baptisms.
Equivalents in Other Cultures:
Acpaxaco, an Otomi water goddess.
Family Tree and Relationships of Chalchihuitlicue:
Sister and wife of Tlaloc, the rain god
Wife of Xiuhtecuhtli
Mother of Tecciztecatl
Temples, Worship and Rituals of Chalchihuitlicue:
Aztecs identified Tlaloc with falling rain, but Chalchihuitlicue with places where rain gathered: pools, floods, etc.

Basically...that's why i NEED PARAMO!

Polergirl :-) XXX

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all 3 of you for a fantastic (if Chaichihuitlicue) day!

Great day - ESPECIALLY in the wet!

Thank you for your efforts in coming down to us - can't wait till April (showers??!! :-))


babooshka said...

Oi Brett have you secretly tapped into my ipod and playing my tracks?

Great blog you got here, terric pics and good writing. Love the pic that went with paraniod.

Echo your thoughts about Duffy banishing Leona Bloody Lewis from the top spot.Death to mediocre music.

As for blogging drunk, got to be done mate, the feedback you get is fantastic.

Mind if i link you. romise to be gentle.

Stop by anytime and I'LL be back here.

H said...

Ah the pub...I miss pubs. :) the laptop didnt die - we're back!!

have i said thank you for the link? thank you!!

The D in D & T said...

umm, not sure how my id came to be 'h'. interestingly enigmatic but its just debbie from athens [perspective] ... weird!

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