Monday, March 17, 2008

The children our our future.

I was asked what I have got against Leona Lewis, well nothing at all against her personally, it’s what she represents. Let me just explain for the non UK readers, Miss Lewis was the winner of a reality TV talent program, she is undoubtedly talented but the concept that brought her to fame is the problem. These shows are produced by show business types who stake their reputation on creating a star, and make their money on the shows success. To guarantee that they make a star they stick to safe popular music and chose performers that fits within a safe demographic image. These so called stars then get hours of TV and radio air play, yards of news print and more media exposure than any member of our royal family. This is a self feeding monster, the more exposure they get, the more famous they get, and so then they get even more exposure, using up more and more of the available air time.

These shows cannot take risks with the stars they make because if they fail, then it will all come crashing down. I think that if these shows continue to grow new talent will give up stretching the boundaries of music and stick to a safe, successful and boring combination. Do you think that if these shows existed in the past that Elvis, the Beatles, the Stones, the Sex Pistols and Nirvana, all thought to be a bad influence on the kids by the establishment of the day, would have had a chance. Real music should be naturally grown not forced by big business, our talented young musicians should diversify and experiment, at my great age might think it all sounds like noise, but it will be new noise, their noise.

Today’s photo a tree standing out from the wood, if you write songs, play an instrument or sing, make like this tree and stand out.

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billy said...

Love your tree!! The blogging world is full of love today!

Hello from Julia said...

Thanks for your comment and the link! I'm still surprised I'm writing... but I can't say it's been a bad exercise :) Have a great day! - Julia


Real music should be naturally grown not forced by big business, our talented young musicians should diversify and experiment

I couldn't agree with that more! well written!
and I love the tree by the way

ciara said...

i'm not a big fan of leona lewis...but then we have our own monster of tv reality talent show called American Idol. maybe you've heard of it? i'm pretty sure it's a rip off of the brit version.

anyways, mainstream music gets so boring at times. i'm totally w you at those who play music should stand out. never be like the crowd. my son may not be famous, but he makes the kind of music that HE likes.

nice photos on your blog, btw :)

Oberon said...

......the children ARE our future?....i couldn't help it.....your word verification is....flair.

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