Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where am I?

Bit of a teaser for you today, on many levels?

Had lots of weather, lots and lots of booze, and even more food!

A quick clue, we have not seen Who we were hoping to see, Carolyn does carry a bit of a Torch for him, but i'm not worried.

No music for today, but if there was it would be, Delila, by Tom Jones

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Anonymous said...

Lots of weather, lots and lots of booze - and even more food???

Sounds like you need to see a Dr, but Who??? ;-) (Uh oh, is the smiley winking or BLINKing?)

Polergirl & Faff xxx

Suburbia said...

Torchwood HQ I believe!

Brett said...

oh yes! I need to see THE doctor!

Brett said...

Sorry -i was logged in as Brett! I need to see THE doctor not him! Caro xxd

babooshka said...

Never mind the doctor, or captain jack, did you see any daleks?

Nice effect on this pic.

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