Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Its the end of the world

Carolyn said last night that I should make the post more personal, well here is something very close to my heart. Pubs. Pubs are closing down at a rate of nearly four a day because of poor sales and the effect of the smoking ban, the organisation which represents the industry has warned.

Last year, 1,409 pubs shut their doors, according to the British Beer & Pub Association. The number was up on previous years with 216 closures in 2006 - four a week - and 102 in 2005 - two a week.

I like pubs and I think that the verity of them is an important part of the make up of Great Briton. Soon we will lose all the old unique pubs and be left with large lounge bar super pubs selling crap beer and latt├ęs. I did my bit last night to support the local pub trade, are you?

Following on from yesterdays post a link to the New York magazine, and its article on miss Lohans photos.

My picture today is of a closed local pub.

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caro said...

Fab photo - love it.

gary..b said...

Hmmm...yes the composition of this photograph is nicely framed and the dramatic sky gives it an eerie feel almost on a par with the Adams family’s home.
However I can't help feeling that the picture needs a splash of colour, for example a Robin red breast or a mysterious lady wearing a flowing red cape.
Apart from that, all in all it’s a good effort and I award you 14/20.
Well done Brett

caro said...

I always thought you'd had enough of the camera club. But I reckon' they threw you out - thought you were a professional judge!!

Steffe said...

Wow, this is a great photo. A bit sad that so many pubs are closing.

The D in D & T said...

This is stunning.

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