Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunny day

The weather forecast predicted rain all day today, with the threat of the worst storm of the winter. So glorious sunshine all day and a fantastic walk over the Roaches. Kep, who was free for most of the time and should now be fast asleep, is still barking and pestering for some more play time. I hope I have that sort of energy at 77.

In response to Meg in Nelson, New Zealand, yes spring has sprung, the green tips are showing on the trees and life is starting to appear all around. Spring is one of the best times in the UK and I will try and include some shots of the finer points for my overseas readers.

Today’s picture is of the man himself, Kep cooling his feet after his long walk today.

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Sailor Girl said...

How sweet!!! Lovely dog!!!
Thanks for the visit!

Neva said...

awwwww I just love doggies! this one is very very cute.

Anonymous said...

Kep, water is fab - especially muddy (very muddy) water. Looks like you've had a load of fun.

Sam xxx

caro said...

Kep to Sam

Oh yes! fab walk. rocks, sticks, tress, stones, muddy water and no lead for most of it.

Perhaps i could show you sometime.

Am looking forward to seeing Rutland


Jilly said...

This is one gorgeous dog. Such a cute photo of him too.

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