Saturday, March 15, 2008

Relax, it's only a blog.

Just renewed my car insurance using an on line comparison site, how easy. Not having done this before I was amazed that I could save £80 with ¼ hours work. Its not that I was unhappy with my current insurer, but with the cost of everything going up the price of loyalty was just too steep. I still went with a company I had heard of, there was a few cheaper but I had never heard of them, but the difference with the price made me move. Companies have just started to realize that service is important but in this day and age they cannot let their prices let them down. Given a gap of £10 or £15 I would have stayed, but £80 that’s the cost of a good night out.

When I checked the site this morning I was shocked at the number of visitors, on checking the details I found that the site had being listed on Eric's Planes, one of the Blogs of note, this has prompted me to update my links page, which I will do on Monday. I have found lots of good blogs and site while doing this and will enjoy sharing them with you all.

Today’s picture was taken from my stairs just outside this room, the starling is nesting next door and sits for hours singing away feet from my window, they are the most beautiful bird when you look at them.

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